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Sivakka has a wide range of cosy apartments all over the Oulu region. Use the search field to browse through our currently or soon-to-be available apartments or send us your application and we’ll do the rest. Once we have found a home that matches your requirements, we will let you know right away!

How to find your new home:

Fill out the form. We will take your requests about location and availability into account.

Soon you will receive an offer with the most suitable options, taking into consideration your requests.

Once you find a suitable home, the next step is arranging a showing with us so that you can take a closer look at your potential new home.

Reply as soon as possible so that we can either reserve the apartment for you or offer it to someone else.

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Sivakka apartment search

Sivakka apartment search helps you find the right apartment for you! Adjust the sliders to match your personal preferences and let the search engine do the rest!