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Accepting the offer

The first step is the application. Once we have found you the perfect home, you can signing the rental agreement. Please note that all people moving in are mentioned in your application in the first place.

Rental agreement

You can sign the rental agreement in two ways:

1. Digital signature using your online banking credentials
If there are two people signing the agreement, both of them have to sign using their individual banking credentials.

2. With pen and paper at our office
Just book an appointment and come and sign the agreement at our office. If your spouse or significant other can’t come and sign it with you, remember to bring their mandate with you so that you can sign the agreement for them as well.

Also remember to bring along the following:
• Identification card (driver’s license or passport)


To sign the rental agreement, all required attachments have to be filled out correctly and delivered to us.

Please note that valid home insurance is required before signing the agreement!

Electricity contract

The transmission contract is always made with Oulun Energia. The actual electricity contract can be made with any electric power distributor.

Finns drink a lot of coffee, so please make sure you have a valid electricity contract when you move in so that you can offer your helpers a nice cup of coffee right away!