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Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Our rules and regulations are meant to ensure safe and convenient living for all our tenants.

These rules are well-known but hey, it never hurts to read through them to avoid any inconvenience!

  • The front doors are locked from 9 PM to 6 AM unless stated otherwise
  • Tenants must not make excessive noise in the common facilities
  • Airing out is a good idea every now and then, but keeping the apartment door open is not. Just don’t air out the whole stairwell
  • Dusting clothes, blankets or rugs is not allowed in the stairwell
  • Storing any items in the stairwell is not allowed
  • Children are supposed to play and be children, but please make sure they play in the designated play areas to avoid any accidents, injuries or damage to the property
  • Cars have their designated parking spaces. They don’t belong in play areas, on the grass or anywhere where they might be in the way of other people
  • Always close and lock the power outlet covers at your parking space
  • Parking trailers, boats or caravans in the yard is not allowed without the housing manager’s permission. If you need to find a place for them, just ask your housing manager!
  • We like pets and they’re more than welcome! However, please make sure your pet is on a leash in stairwells and in the yard. Also make sure your pet doesn’t leave droppings in the yard. Sometimes accidents happen, but be kind and pick up after your pet to keep the yard nice and tidy.
  • Use of alcohol and other substances is not allowed in common spaces
  • Feeding birds and other wild animals is not allowed on balconies or in the yard
  • Any noise must be kept down between 10 PM and 7 AM. In case of a family event, tell your neighbors about it beforehand if it is likely to last past 10 PM
  • Bedding can be aired out on the balconies on weekdays between 7 AM and 10 AM or between 5 PM and 6 PM
  • Dusting rugs is only allowed on the rack in the yard
  • Keeping apartments, balconies and the yard clean is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s work together to keep our surroundings nice and tidy!
  • If you notice any faults or defects anywhere in the property, tell your property maintenance about it immediately
  • In case of vandalism, the perpetrator is fully responsible for all repair costs. Tenants are also responsible for any damage caused by their guests.

In case of disturbance

The people in Oulu are known to be jovial and friendly so if you happen to hear disturbing noise from adjacent apartments, it’s usually enough to tell them nicely to turn down the volume a bit. Usually we realize our own mistake and apologize, but if the disturbance is frequent, you can send a written complaint to your housing manager. Very rarely the disturbance is a police matter, but in such case you should also let the housing manager know about it as well.

After reporting, the housing manager will take care of the rest. If there’s still any disturbance and there are other witnesses as well, the troublemaker will get a warning after the second report. If that doesn’t work, our last resort is an eviction due to frequent disturbance.