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Common facilities and areas

Common facilities and areas

Common facilities are meant for the entertainment and benefit of our tenants. In order to keep everything nice and cosy for everyone, there are a few rules that are good to know. Sometimes it can be a bit puzzling figuring out who is responsible for what, so we gathered this list to help you out.

Outdoor areas

The outdoor area consists of designated areas for parking, garbage disposal, playground and plantings. That’s why parking is only allowed in the parking spaces and playing is allowed on the playground. Simple as that! Other things worth noting are:

  • Emergency vehicles must have access to all doors and even the tightest corners of the building. Blocking the emergency routes is forbidden.
  • The back and front yards of row house apartments are the tenant’s responsibility. That is, for example, fertilizing and cutting grass.
  • Please sort the garbage according to the instructions
  • Doormats are not allowed in the stairwell, so please place them inside the apartment
  • Smoking is not allowed in common facilities
  • Club rooms are free to use for everyone. For more information, contact your property maintenance or members of the tenant committee.
  • Laundry room can be used daily between 7 AM and 8 PM if not stated otherwise. You reserve your laundry time slot by writing it down on the notebook or whiteboard in the laundry room.
  • Do not wash rugs in the washing machines. The washing machines are only meant for clothes and bedclothes.
  • You may inquire about your sauna slot from the property maintenance
  • There are specific storage spaces for sports equipment, bikes and prams so please don’t store them in the stairwell
  • Every home has a dedicated locked storage. If your items don’t fit in the storage and are left outside of it, the property maintenance will clear them out and haul them to the junkyard.

Waste sorting

Waste sorting is important both for us and the environment, so we hope you could sort your waste. By doing so, you will reduce your carbon footprint and the costs of waste management!

The right place for hazardous waste, old kitchen appliances and furniture is at the recycling stations, not in the waste bins of your property. The latest waste sorting guide can be found here.