For tenants

Tenant benefits

Tenant benefits for long-term residents

We want to remember our long-term residents with products and services that are beneficial and improve satisfaction of living. Tenants living in the same apartment for five years or more will receive a bonus offer/gift every five years. There are two types of gifts.

In the beginning we offer product gifts. From tens of different choices the tenant can choose from a new household appliance, venetian blinds, security or cleaning services.

After ten years of living, the tenant is offered a renovation gift. The renovation can be new floors, walls, cupboards, or bathroom, for example, laminate flooring or new kitchen cabinet doors. Discuss the renovation together with the property manager to avoid overlapping with the company´s other renovation plans.

All the tenant gift products will remain as a part of the apartment´s amenities and cannot be taken when moving out. In this way we gradually improve the quality of the apartments.

Principle of the tenant gift system

A gift offer for products is sent to the tenant every five years. The basis is the start date of the rental agreement. The gift letter is not sent out however if there is an existing “critical notice” on living within the last two years in our system. A critical notice can be a warning disturbing order, rental agreement cancellation situation or an unpaid rent payment that has been turned over to the court. In addition, spoiling the apartment will be taken into consideration, for example by smoking or otherwise taking poor care of the apartment.

  1. You can choose your gift order through our website, by phone or letter.
  2. If you don´t answer your gift offer within the defined time period, the gift “expires” and the system postpones the next gift offer five years into the future.
  3. The renovation gift cannot be ordered twice in a row. The more expensive gift can therefore be ordered every ten years. On the other hand, the product gift can be order in consecutive periods, and the renovation gift will be offered after five years.
  4. The gift order will be delivered to the customer after the property manager has accepted it. Necessary measurements will be taken in the apartment so that the gift will be the right size.
  5. The next gift time is calculated as five years after the receipt of an accepted gift order.
  6. The gift is per agreement and apartment. It cannot be transferred to a new agreement, and the new gift period starts with the starting date of the new rental agreement. If a larger renovation has been carried out on the property, the gift calculation starts on the completion of the renovation.