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Tenant activity

Tenant activity

Sivakka is there for the tenants. Through the tenant committee and tenant activities you can get to know your neighbors, bring your own ideas for the committee or just enjoy the company of other tenants. The tenant committee holds a meeting at least once a year together with the housing manager.

Anybody can be a part of Sivakka’s tenant activity, so if you have any ideas on how to improve congeniality, house surroundings or maintenance, you are welcome to join us!

Tenant committees are valuable for us because they are formed by the people living in our houses — just the right people to tell us how everything works in their house. The committees have a say in renovations, improvements or general congeniality as well. Sivakka cooperation committee also has two members representing the tenant committees. The cooperation committee is responsible for general matters, such as renovation funds and rent calculations.

If you are interested in tenant activity, find out more here.

Voluntary work is an important part of tenant activity and that’s why we made this small booklet on organizing a nice day of voluntary work with the tenants. You will find it here.

You may also contact the tenant committee chairperson Rauni Kauppi either by calling (044 710 8236) or by email (